Vom Rommelfaenger Rottweilers

The beginning

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just my opinions and observations.

I was sued in court in 09 by my x-room mate.She ended up winning and taking my dogs.Here is the whole truth about our history and how she lied in court to win.

In Febuary of 2004 I moved to Berlin,WI. I moved into W1174 Super Sport Drive.
I moved in with 3 Rottweilers.
UCH Lombard’s the Legend of Zelda who Just had turned 10 years old.
UCH Daphney Vom Rommelfaenger
BIMBS UCH Dora Mae Vom Rommelfaenger. In court she could not remember how many dogs I had when I moved in.Daphney and Dora Mae were litter sisters born in 2001.
I moved out to Berlin to try and find a job, since I had been layed off twice in 6 months.
I finished my testing in early 04 and became a UKC all breed Judge.
Room Mate had 2 Rottweilers when I moved out there.
UCH Bradley vom Rommelfaenger CD
UCH Rebelhaus Addiction CD (Scarlet)
I showed Daphney, Dora Mae and Zelda in UKC shows while living there and earned Daphney’s and Dora Mae’s UKC Grand Championship. I also earned Daphney’s AKC CD and 2 legs towards her UKC CD. Daphney ended up UKC’s number 1 Rottweiler for 2004.Mostly beating Zelda and Dora Mae.
I was collecting unemployment when I moved in,and collected it until late Oct of 2004.
I was at job service in Berlin every Tuesday at 10am looking for employment.Or my unemployment would have been stoped.
I never paided any rent or utilitys while living at W1174 Supersport Dr.She set a price of 200.00 dollars a month, She had stated I should wait till I get a job and then start paying. Yet in court she said I did pay rent.Yet never added that money she said I payed her to her taxes as income.Yet again cheating the IRS.(see old court cases) Type in her first and last name plus Green Lake county.

Room Mate was not employed full time when I moved in. Her Father was sending her thru College. He was giving her 600.00 a month for living expensives That I am aware of. She did work 2 days a week at Jewelry store in Green Lake.
On the Easter weekend of 04 she drove to Texas to pick up a puppy.
Blackwood’s wild card, (Mavrik)
Also in April Room Mate bred her female Scarlet to CH Farwest’s Baby Face Nelson .April 19th 2004 Scarlet was taken to a vet in Lomira, WI were she was bred using frozen semen.
I also at about the same time bred Daphney to Von Rottihaus Bruno.
Scarlet Whelped no puppies from this breeding. Daphney produced one dead female puppy on June 19,2004 from this breeding.
Mavrik turned 6 months in August and Room mate started showing him in AKC.His first show was the Northstar Rottweiler club Specialty in Lake Elmo,MN on August 19/20/21 & 22 2004.
I also entered Daphney and showed her in Obedience.(Have Catolog from show showing I alone own Daphney.)
In August Room Mate again bred Scarlet. She bred to a male owned by Paul Exl and Co- owned by me). Double-A vom Rommelfaenger(Buster). She bred her female in the beginning of August. She bred to Buster as I had just had him x-rayed for his hips on August 3,2004. Paul was given a contract on the breeding for a puppy back at the time of his choosing. She refuses to honored this contract.So anyone getting a puppy from her or breeding to her dog know she does not honor her contracts.
I also bred Daphney again in August of 2004..
I was at a show in IN (that I Judged)and left from there to take Daphney to Ohio.I alone paid the stud fee to breed Daphney.This was my E-litter.Room mates name was put on Daphney's papers after the breeding not before.
In Sept of 2004 I took Mavrik to an AKC show (as Room mate had to work).I saw Jerry Sampson there and he was showing a great looking class dog Brito. Room Mate showed Mavrik on Sunday,she got to meet Brito there.
While we were waiting for both girls to whelp.We discussed putting Room Mates name on Daphney’s papers. Since Scarlet did not produce puppies the first time she was bred we thought her name on Daphney’s papers would get her a better chance of filling the requirments to become a UKC Judge.(See UKC Judges requirements) Since at the time of wanting to become a Judge she met one requirement.I also had another friend Sandi Stephenson put her name on Daphney’s UKC papers for the same reason.(See UKC papers) She had talked about becoming a Judge for UKC. So on Daphney’s papers for AKC I was first owner, Room Mate was co-owner. On UKC papers Room mate and Sandi were owner Co-owner.
On Oct 23,2004 I put Dora Mae down.She had some food aggressions and I could not take the chance of her biting anyone. I was trying to place her, but desided at this time it was safer to just put her down.
On November 4,2004 Scarlet gave birth to Rebelhaus Rottweilers B litter 7 puppies 2 girls and 5 boys.
I was a replacement Judge for Neil Ericson at the Saturday show November in Ixiona.
There were 3 Rottweilers entered on Saturday.
Von Rottihaus Bruno
Blackwood’s wild card
Rebelhaus Affinity v hi-Ppnt
Room mates dog Mavrik took best male both shows on Sat along with Best of Breed both shows.
When we got home from the show we found that Scarlet had layed on most of the puppies killing all but three males. The littlest female had died before this had happened.
The three remaining puppies were
Rebelhaus Been Dreamin of U WS11017701 (Izzy)
Rebelhaus Bently WS11017702
Rebelhaus’ Baron Wilhelm WS1107703
Room mate kept Bently out of this litter, and Co-Owned Izzy
On November 20,2004 Daphney gave birth to my E litter 1 live puppy.
Rebelhaus Elwood Rommelfaenger WS12799601 I put Room Mates kennel name on his papers for same resons she had her name on Daphney’s papers.To make it look more credible for UKC Judges licence.
In Febuary of 2005 I put CH Lombard’s the Legend of Zelda down.She had cancer in her mouth and it was getting to painful for her to eat. She just turned 12 in Dec. A Friend paid for Zelda’s cremation with his credit card.
I Judged a UKC show in Elburn,IL the first weekend of Feb,2005.We entered 3 dogs.
CH.Blackwood’s wild card
CH Rebelhaus’ addiction
GRCH Daphney vom Rommelfaenger.
I signed Daphney’s entry as owner.
The three Rottweiler’s entered at that show on Sat were not charged an entry fee.My Judges fee,which would have been 100.00 was given up for entries.. Entry’s are 25.00 day of show, but at the time only costed the show 1.50 to UKC. That way the club doesn’t have to spend a lot of their income and we got to show dogs without spending money.
I did get milage for the show and they do feed us.
Right after the show Room Mate left to go to Ohio. She was taking Scarlet to be bred to Elwood’s dad. Private Stock Northridge Doc. This breeding was a return service of Daphney’s. Daphney gave birth to one puppy(Elwood).A litter as per contract was two live puppies. I bred Daphney twice and got one puppy both times. The first one dead, the second one Elwood and at this time I did not want to breed Daphney again.
The following weekend we showed in Ixiona. I work at the UKC shows in Ixiona.5 times a year. Feb, May July, August and November. I open the building and stay till all are gone, I even slept on the show grounds. All entry fee’s for Room mate and My Rottweilers was always free.I had not paid and entry fee since 2003 sometime. Everyone at the shows knows this. I have also given other people free entries if they worked at these shows.
In 2005 my Room mate wanted her dog Mavrik to be number 1,and he ended up number 1 that year. We entered every dog we had as fillers so that Mavrik could be number 1.
I also Judged this show, and did get paided for Judging.I also set up a booth with my drawings and sold a few items there.
Sometime after the Febuary shows I received a e-mail from UKC wanting to know my address. Right after that I was put on probation for Judging Room mates dogs in November 04,and Entering Daphney in Elburn in Febuary 05.This is why my name could not be on any dogs UKC papers.
Sometime around April Room mate Contacted Jerry Sampson about breeding to Brito. Since by then Scarlet had not produced a litter of puppies from Doc.
Jerry told her of this great breeding he had and she put a down payment on a puppy.
Sampson’s Inga v Rebelhaus born 4/10/05 was the puppy.
When Elwood turned 6 months old 5/21-22/05 ,I took him to Michigan to the National Toy Fox Terrier Ass. Shows in Ann Arbor ,MI.I was trying to finish his CH at 6 months and 2 days old
He took 1 comp win on Saturday, and another on Sunday. Giving him 80 points.No Championship.I did sell some prints to Maude Tank, who also asked me to Judge her show in Oct.
The next weekend 5/28-29/05 I took Elwood to Mt Vernon, IL to the IL Toy Fox Terrier Ass Shows. He did not beat anyone on Saturday, but picked up his last Comp win on Sunday. He was now a UKC CH at 6 months 9 days old. I did set up a booth and sell a few prints.
At the time I showed Elwood he only had a TL number. Temperary Listing. TL011283.I could show him but he could not earn a title Certificate until he was permanently registered.
I then took Elwood to live with Paul Exl in Green Bay. Elwood stayed with Paul while I showed Paul’s dog Buster. I entered Buster in the Premire of 05 it’s UKC version of Westminster.I kept Buster till August of 05 then Elwood came back home.
In the Summer of 2005 I showed Izzy at a UKC CATS show in Cudahy, WI. Izzy was a very head strong dog and he was placed by Room mate in a home with people who could not handle that much dog. While at the show Izzy earned a Best male/Best of breed win in the first show. At the second show he tried to attack the Judge and was DQ from ever showing again. He has also bitten a few people before he turned 2 years old. This would have been Room mates 4th bred by Champion.
We discussed her becoming a Judge. I thought with what she had 3 bred by CH’s and 4 other dogs with a CH, Elwood’s pedigree and the years she has been showing, she could try for her Judging licence. It was at this time my dogs were signed back over to me. Thinking once she became a Judge I could show dogs at the shows she was Judging.
We continued to show Mavrik in UKC shows in Ixiona, WI,along with as many dogs as we could as fillers so that Room mates dog could be number 1.
On Oct 14,15 & 16th.We went to Kalamazoo,MI for a dog show.
On Friday Room Mate entered dogs and had to pay. I Judged Saturday and Sunday,I gave up my Judges fee which would have been 200.00 for her entry fee.I did get paid milage and they fed the Judges.
Mavrik ended up number 1 in 2005 and that was the end of his showing and training.He beat 2 other dog’s that did not belong to Room mate or I. He finished the year with 60 points. In Dec of 05 Room mate drove to IL to pick up another Rottweiler female. A sister to Inga. Her name is Sampson’s Dooska. Room mate aquired her on a Co-ownership with Jerry Sampson. Room mate was suppose to build and maintain a website for Jerry for her half of Dooska. Which she started out doing,then she no longer wanted to do the web site,but instead of telling Jerry she hid from him for months.He would call her cell phone (which she would ignore)
Dooska and Ura ,Inga’s sisters came and went a few times in 05 as Jerry needed dogs to be socialized.Room mate did no real socializing with any of the dogs she took in.
This gave us a total of 8 Rottweilers with no Kennel licence.
Plus my 2
Room mate aquires her first American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)in early 2006.
Jhnsns Queen of Hearts (Red) 9 dogs
The first show of the year was Elburn, IL. We only took Dooska as she was the only Rottweiler that was not a UKC CH.
Room mate showed her once on Sat (as she had a win under the other Judge).She did not pick up a win.So we drove home and all the way back on Sunday. Still no win.
The next weekend we were at Ixiona Febuary 11/12 2006.This is the show I picked up my APBT Bobber.
Moore’s a bit of drivin Fun.
This put us at 10 dogs.
Room mate needed 3 dogs with rabies shots in order to get a 12 dog kennel licence.I gave her Daphney’s shot records to use for this as Daphney,Bradly and Mavrik were the only 3 with a rabies shot at that time. She did not get rabies shots for any of the other 10 dogs.Nor did she ever licence Daphney before or after.
In March we showed in Racine at the Mid lakes Aussie show. I again Judged for entrys. Room mate showed Dooska. She did pick up a win at this show and finished her UKC CH.
Room mate also took a liking to a male APBT.
Bluerock’s Moose in loose. Who ended up attacking my x-room mate and she had to have him put down.This would be the 3rd APBT to be involved in an Attack after living crated most of it's life at Concentration Camp Pit weiler.
She talked to a few people and soon she had Moose.
This put us at 11 dogs.
In May Room mate started seeing Dan an APBT Breeder. Room mate took on one of Dan’s dogs Jane
Krohn’s Smokin Mary Jane.
The came her half brother Vici.
This put us at 13 dogs. 1 over her limit.
Not long after that Dan Moved in He brought with him 5 APBT’s.
One Room mate was able to get her name on.
Krohn’s Southern Belle.
This put us at 18 dogs
I had found a male Rottweiler to breed to Daphney. The lady would not breed to Daphney because I was not a member of a Rottweiler club.
Jerry Sampson had a male
Sampson’s Hunter.
That had some of the same lines as the other dog I looked at .Jerry was in FL,but Tom his kennel partner lives in the Madison area,that is where Hunter was.
I drove down to Tom’s on a Friday night in early August to breed Daphney to Hunter.We did not get a tie.
I went home and went back on Sat again no luck. Back again I went on Sunday. We were still having no luck. Room mate called Dan(her boyfriend) and he came to Tom’s to help with the breeding. We thought we might have gotten a breeding.So Room mate did know of a third breeding of Daphney. She lied on the stand and said she knew nothing of a third breeding.That I took her dog and bred her without her knowledge.
In August or Sept Room mate again went for a road trip and came home with yet another APBT
Taylor Made Serrano of CPW (Seven)
This puts us at 19 dogs
On 10/10/06 Daphney was taken to the Vet for X-rays and they showed she was not going to have any puppies.
Also in Oct of 06 Dan and Room mate went to Texas for the APBT National’s She showed Moose, Jane and her new puppy Seven.
During this time Room mate had sent in for the UKC Judges test. She was very preoccupied at this time. Seeing Dan was a lot of work, Plus she got pregnant with his baby and aborted it.
I helped her with her UKC Judges test.She would have failed the test if I had not redone it for her.I sent a copy of the test to UKC showing her answers and my answers.UKC does not seem to care that Judges cheat to become Judges.I also helped her on her APBT test.She failed (with my help).How could a future APBT breeder Judge fail a test about their own breed?
Dan had a vision for a breeding and Room mate shared this vision (only because she was with Dan for his dogs). Jane was to be bred to her Grandfather. Room mate put a lot of money into this breeding, As if it were her own. Jane was bred late Oct. This is what Room mate put all her time and money into.
In November Mavrik blew a Knee. Room mate would not take the dog to the vet. He was under weight and he was outside in his kennel playing when it happened.She put everything into the Pit bulls and the Rottweilers got left out.Even when feeding she lowered the Rottweilers food intake.I moved some of them into the basement where I was staying(so that I could feed them dog food).I told her the day it happened. She let this injury go for weeks. While talking to a friend (another UKC Judge).I told her about this injury. Room Mate had also told this UKC Judge she wanted to place Mav'rik.My friend got in contact to Bridget Moran a Rottweiler person. Bridget contacted Lew Olson Mavriks Breeder.We all talked about this for a while trying to figure out how to get the dog out of the house.
Also in Nov,Room mate packed up Dan’s things and put them outside.When he returned home he broke in the house to talk to her.She had him arrested.She lied to the officers and said he did not live there.She then took some of his dogs back to his wife,s house.After she was informed she was fooled by Dan’s wife into kicking Dan out and getting rid of his dogs.She then went to the police and said she lied.She was charged with Obstructing an Officer and pleaded no contest to this charge.(see court records)
On 12/21/06 Jane was rushed to Madsion to have puppies thru a C-section. Room mate had no way to pay for this and she opened a new credit card in her bosses name. She paid for a lot of her dog shows,registerations and dog items she purchased on E-bay with Guys credit cards. I'm pretty sure this is called Embezzlement .(Just my opinion).He has stated he has no Idea how much money she took from him,and considers him self to be lucky to still own his business.
On 12/23/06 all the Mavrik stuff came to a halt.I told Room mate that Lew wanted the dog. After much crying on Room mates part to anther APBT person .I packed up my van with my dogs and art work and some cloths and left .She knew where I was going. My sisters number was in the house phone, Plus I had the same cell number the whole time I lived with her.. She had my cell phone number, and she had my boy friend Mike’s cell phone number. I did e-mail her about returning for my belongings, and even came over to her house to pick up some items.

In 09 she started procedings against me .First she stated I stole to valuble registered dogs from her in 06.

No police report was ever made.For two years she cared not about these dogs.

She also was sueing for lost breedings (as she thought I neutered Elwood).Elwood has a DQ fault thru AKC and UKC.He has even been DQ'd at a UKC show.So he sould never be bred.Yet she is allowing him to try to breed his own mother Daphney.

She also stated she could not find me to get her dogs back.She could find my post office box,but never sent a registered letter.For someone so computer smart she played dump in court.Anyone can be found in the white pages on the internet.

I lived at the same address for almost 2 years and could have been found in the white pages on line.
Room mate had plenty of opportunities to contact me ,as we had Judged a few shows together and also were at several shows together. Elwood and Daphney were always at the shows. Yet she never tried to even pet them.She never told anyone in the 2 year period that I stole her dogs. As they have always been mine.
While living with Room mate.I payed for all of Elwood and Daphney’s vet visits,I purchased there dog food.I showed them both to all their titles. Room mate showed Elwood once and vowed to never show him again. Her name was on their papers.That is not ownership. Caring for the dogs in ownership. I own Elwood and Daphney.
This is to show the chain of events on why I put Room mates name on my dogs papers.
I e-mailed Room mate at least once a month to try and obtain my belongings after I moved out. Yet she never responed .When I recieved the e-mail about taking her name off of Elwood and Daphney’s papers,I tried to use that she had forgotten signing them to obtain my belongings.
Pretty much everything I owned is still at her house .My collection of Rottweiler magizines. .Books, and pedigrees. Plus cloths. My bed, dresser, TV all my important papers.I did get one load from the house and one from the gargage. That is all I was allowed to get.
She did return one box full of old catologes at a show in Racine in 07.
Any chance I could get I e-mailed her about my stuff. Nothing worked.
She started early last year 08 to post on the internet that I stole her dogs.I e-mailed her once about this. Stating if you think the dogs are yours. Then pay their room and board and you can have them. I also asked about my belonging again. Knowing she could not pay the over $25,000.00 dollar room and board bill.
She hides in her house and does not do anything with her Rottweilers any more(In all her years in Rottweilers she only pointed 2 dogs,both of them I bred).She even hire 3 handlers (for 3 different dogs)and they could not even point the dogs.  
Daphney and Elwood have always been my dogs,and always will be my dogs.My mistake was trying to help her do something at the time she could not do herself.
Dogs mean nothing to her,just how important they make her look.
The day I left with Elwood and Daphney all she could think about is how people will now think she is a bad owner,because she would not fix Mav’rik’s leg.Not that the dog could be better cared for by someone else.
In 2009 I was sued for my dogs by my Room mate. Stating I stole her dogs in 2006.She won and took my dogs.I tried for a re-trial under the same Judge. She and the guy who runs the Wisconsin Boston Terrier shows , and Toy Fox terrier shows,submitted altered documents into court as evidence.I asked for these forms back in Feb of 09.
They are dated the date of the show which would have been day of show price 25 dollars a show for 4 shows is 100.00 total.The special pre entry price was 65 dollars back in 05 not 70 dollars..I should have known better .The person running the two shows had at one time altered my Judges book to give a Bull mastiff Canas Big Show of Nobleboss a compeditive win .When there is no way I would have ever put that dog over any other dog.
I wanted to prove she lied in court at the re-trail,but the Judge said that another trial would be a waste of the courts time.I feel I was not given every opportunity to prove her a lier. According to what I know about court one is suppose to prove their case.I'm guessing (and this is just my opinion)As she has been under the same judge multiple times,so he knows what a lier she has been in the past. The Judge must know her Father.
Room mate had to prove I gave her my dogs and she never proved it.Just that her name was on their papers.I felt the burden of proof was on her hands not mine.
I have all training records for both dogs.I put all titles on them.I have all Vet records,yet I lost because she lied in court under oath.
I’m hoping someone will help me to get my dogs back before they are Killed by one of her APBT’s.Plus she is over her limit of dogs .she is licenced for 15 but has over 18 with my two.Plus I’m sure most are not currant with rabies shots.
She gave Vici to a guy in OK and he attacked and killed one of the guys Am.Staffs.She place a puppy. Tommy with a couple. Tommy killed their adult Am.Staff and tried to kill a litter of puppies they had.
Plus one of her APBT's attacked her and had to be put down(I heard it was Moose,if Ben or Justin read this try to find out if your dog is still alive) .This is three APBT’s from her house to loose it.Being crated all day is not good for an dogs mental health.
I just pray every day that Elwood and Daphney are okay.Concentration Camp Pit Weiler is no place for any dog to have to suffer thru….
I was sent a 3000.00 randsom note for the return of my dogs.I offered 2000.00 at that time.It was declined by x-roomate.I then used the money to fix a car I own and my van(which had been involved a car crash).
X-room mate has not spayed/neuter my dogs like she said she has,and is giving Elwood the opportunity's to breed his own mother.
Know that I love and miss both my dogs.Paying an extortionist is not something I can do.Taking my dogs was always about the money and never the love of the dogs...

OKC membership

November 2009

Oshkosh Kennel club news letter

Page 3

Stephanie Mueller

W1174 Supersport Dr Berlin,WI 54923

920-361-0721 or email rottgrl@yahoo.com

Special intrest:Rottweilers,American Pit Bull Terriers,Dachshunds

Stephine has been an active member of the OKC Previously.She has bred and registered two litters of Rottweiler (in court she claimed she bred Daphney claiming Elwood was her breeding so did she lie in court or is she lieing to the kennel club.It was really 4 litters,she whelped 2 litters from a bitch she says was not hers,but they were never registered.Sad when even the President of the Oshkosh Kennel club lies to be a member of the club...) puppies and three of APBT.She has been active in conformation,obedience and rally rings.Sheis intrested in rejoining the OKC to spend more time with the friends she has made at the OKC and to promote purebred dogs.Stephine currently owns three Rottweilers,all females( this is right after she took Elwood and Daphney from me and offered to sell them back to me for 3,000.00 the first time,the when her lawyer was taking her to court for the money she owed him,she lowered it to ,1500.00. Why are they not on this list? Still lieing about how many dogs she really has on the property?) Skarlet,Inga and Dooska.She owns 6 APBT's Jane ,Flower,Seven,,cant fight fate,Makin you tap,Love struck,Up in smoke,(Where is Moose?Im guessing he really is dead,shot when he attacked her.His breeder said he stoped breeding (( I learned not to breed dogs anymore bc i love them too much and I can't spot a psycho when I see one.)) his own words.Must be hard remembering all the lies all the time?)

Where are the rest of her dogs listed?Someone from the OKC should stop out (dont call or she will hide dogs,like she made me do when I lived there)and do a house check and head count.Im guessing they really need members as she is not the first person belonging to the club who hoards dogs.

The lettersthat show Daphney and Elwood were there and she lied on her application like she did her UKC Judges test.

First letter dated 10/2009



2nd one still dated 10/2009

3rd one dated 12/2009,(her lawyer was taking her to court for fees she did not pay.So she needed the money.

So again the person who is president of the Oshkosh Kennel club in Oshkosh ,WI lied on her application to join the club.

Is that not one of the signs of a dog hoarder,lieing about how many dogs they really have.Plus not allowing anyone to just drop in and walk thru the house and other buildings on her property to see how many dogs over her limit she really is?

Also notice my story never changes,on the other hand hers do.


Know that Camp pit weiler is not breeding Pit Bulls,but UKC registered American Staffordshire Terriers.

So with that said why does she not health test all her dogs as tho they were Am Staffs?

Here is a list of test that she should be doing on all her dogs before breeding (if she was a Breeder of any kind of Merit)

American Staffordshire Terrier

Hip Dysplasia

  • OFA Evaluation - OR
  • PennHIP Evaluation

Congenital Cardiac Database

  • OFA evaluation with examination performed by a Cardiologist

Autoimmune thyroiditis

  • OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory - the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America recommends annual testing.

NCL-A (Cerebellar Ataxia)

  • Optigen NCL test results registered with the OFA - the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America advises that 2 NCL carriers should never be bred together, and that affected dogs should never be bred.

Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist (Optional)

  • Results registered with OFA
  • results entered with CERF, or

Elbow Dysplasia (Optional)

  • OFA Evaluatio        
  • Know that her male is a Carrier of Ataxia,yet she does not test her females before breeding to this dog.
  • In short this is not a breeder you should be buying a puppy from.There are way more responsible breeders out there who really care about the breed.

Lier, Lier again

In court Stephanie Mueller claimed she could not find me or my dogs.yet she saw us at UKC shows in WI in 2007.

She even returned a few of my things to a show in Racine put on by the Aussie club run by UKC Judge Jeannie Heger .

Plus she posted this on the Yahoo question and answer site.I was emailing her monthly to aquire my belongings.She never offered to bring me all of my belongings.


Resolved Question

How long to do I have to keep an old roommates stuff after she moves out without worrying about being sued?

I live in WI, and know there are different laws in each state....I would like to dispose of the junk she left without her trying to sue me for it! Thanks in advance!

Additional Details

I own the home...she paid rent for 3 months out of 3 years. She moved out abruptly 10 months ago, got most of her stuff but left some things that look like junk (broken tv, vcr, and some books). I really don't want her here, or to have any contact with her. I offered to bring her things to a public place and she doesn't respond....many, many times in the last 10 months.
Ty all for your suggestions already!

5 years ago

Ty all for your answers...however, I don't think this falls under a "landlord/tenant" situation because she stopped paying any rent after her 3rd month here, and continued to live here for a total of 3 full years. So, does this fit landlord/tenant?

5 years ago

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Send her a certified letter, return receipt requested stating that she has X days from the date of the letter to retrieve her stuff or you will dispose of the items.

If she does not come get it then you can get rid of it. Keep a copy of the letter and return receipt as evidence if she tried to drag you into small claims court.
  • 5 years ago

Fake Facebook page

Stephanie Mueller is supose to be an adult?

Who makes a fake profile of someone on Face Book?(A child) Still trying to make everyone believe what I've posted to be all lies. 

Here are her first two posts on her fake profile page.DTroll Rankleclanker

Blah, blah, blah....If I keep telling the same story maybe someone will eventually believe it. And if I post it on a blog, it HAS to be true! November 12, 2009 at 4:08pm

DTroll Rankleclanker My version of reality is so much more fun that the "real" reality.....and it makes me look better too!November 11, 2009 at 12:38pm

Now she just uses the page to play games....This is an outstanding UKC Judge....

Please report this page as a fake profile...Notice most of the stuff on the profile has to do with me.My birthday,drawing with dots,my blog...Sex:Female Birthday:January 6, 

Likes and Interests Activities:, , writing fiction, spelling poorly, using improper sentences, pretending to be "Somebody", threatening to blogInterests:Dots.....LOTS of dots.This again is supose to be a respected UKC Judge (one who cheated on her test to become a UKC Judge

Here are her emails to me using another one of her many email address.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010 8:24 PM
Know this....you don't give me enough credit....I found you when you thought you were well-hidden, and if I wanted to stalk you, you would NEVER see me coming.
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:22 PM
No, you silly little insignificant Troll...when you hid behind a PO box...I found where you lived. Do you really think I would waste my time stalking you after I got my dogs back. Besides, there are ways to mask an ISP so you would never know who was actually looking at your pathetic website. Although I am sure you already know that.
There is no threat...just trying to get you to wake up. I have no reason to stalk you...you are completely INSIGNIFICANT to me....that means "of little importance". You are no more bothersome to me than a fly, so get over yourself.
Although I can't speak for the numerous other people who despise you, I can assure you I AM NOT STALKING YOU, OR YOUR BOYFRIEND. Remember, I have Dean to occupy my time and energy ; )

From: donna rommelfaenger <rutylr@yahoo.com>
To: D. Troll Rankleclanker <d.trollrankleclanker@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Re:

I don't hide anywhere.I use the same name on every forum.so it's hard not to find me.You on the other hand sneek around using fake names.Like this one.
You are such a piece of crap...Leave me alone...and I'm taking this as a threat....
Again this is a respected UKC Judge sending threating emails and stealing other peoples dogs.Again I was never hiding my name and address were in the phone book.Which someone so computer smart as her (her dad did waste money sending her to collage so she could groom dogs) she like I did could have looked it up on the internet.

Alter evidence

This is what Stephanie Mueller used as evidence in court.

This is a UKC entry form That was alter by Dr Miles Notaro (another respected UKC Judge).











As you can see it is a photo copy of a photo copy,Which Miles Notaro then wrote Pd in Full on the side.And the price was 70.00.

You will see that this is so wrong.

This is the UKC Bloodlines with the infor for the up coming show on 11/12/2005.

Notice the day of show entries shoud have said 100.00 dollars.His speical weekend price was 65.00 dollars not 70.00.That changed a few years later.Both UKC Judges Stephanie Mueller and Dr Myles Notaro lied to the court.The Judge was the same Judge in all her cases.So go figure he would allow her to sumit evidence that was not the original document,but when I gave him an original document he blew it off.Guess he had his mind made up.Maybe her father backs this Judge who has no time for the truth. 

Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie A
Matthew G Chier vs. Stephanie A Mueller
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie A.
Stephanie A. Mueller vs. Donna Rommelfaenger
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie A
State of Wisconsin vs. Stephanie A Mueller
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie A
State of Wisconsin vs. Stephanie A Mueller
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Berlin vs. Stephanie Mueller
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie A
State of Wisconsin vs. Stephanie A. Mueller
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A. MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER

Green Lake
Filed Only
Dept. of Revenue vs. STEPHANIE A MUELLER
Green Lake
Mueller, Stephanie
Berlin Memorial Hospital vs Stephanie Mueller


To prove she does not breed dogs that fit the standard for what shew thinks she is breeding.

She is breeding UKC registered Am Staffs,not UKC American Pit Bull Terriers.

American Staffordshire Terrier

General Impression
The American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression of great strength for his size, a well put-together dog, muscular, but agile and graceful, keenly alive to his surroundings. He should be stocky, not long-legged or racy in outline. His courage is proverbial.

Medium length, deep through, broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop; and ears are set high. Ears - Cropped or uncropped, the latter preferred. Uncropped ears should be short and held rose or half prick. Full drop to be penalized. Eyes - Dark and round, low down in skull and set far apart. No pink eyelids. Muzzle - Medium length, rounded on upper side to fall away abruptly below eyes. Jaws well defined. Underjaw to be strong and have biting power. Lips close and even, no looseness. Upper teeth to meet tightly outside lower teeth in front. Nose definitely black.

Heavy, slightly arched, tapering from shoulders to back of skull. No looseness of skin. Medium length.

Strong and muscular with blades wide and sloping.

Fairly short. Slight sloping from withers to rump with gentle short slope at rump to base of tail. Loins slightly tucked.

Well-sprung ribs, deep in rear. All ribs close together. Forelegs set rather wide apart to permit chest development. Chest deep and broad.

Short in comparison to size, low set, tapering to a fine point; not curled or held over back. Not docked.

The front legs should be straight, large or round bones, pastern upright. No semblance of bend in front. Hindquarters well-muscled, let down at hocks, turning neither in nor out. Feet of moderate size, well-arched and compact. Gait must be springy but without roll or pace.

Short, close, stiff to the touch, and glossy.

Any color, solid, parti, or patched is permissible, but all white, more than 80 per cent white, black and tan, and liver not to be encouraged.

Height and weight should be in proportion. A height of about 18 to 19 inches at shoulders for the male and 17 to 18 inches for the female is to be considered preferable.

Faults to be penalized are: Dudley nose, light or pink eyes, tail too long or badly carried, undershot or overshot mouths.

Approved June 10, 1936

UKC American Pit Bull Terrier

The shoulder blades are long, wide, muscular, and well laid back. The upper arm is roughly equal in length to the shoulder blade and joins it at an apparent right angle.

The forelegs are strong and muscular. The elbows are set close to the body. Viewed from the front, the forelegs are set moderately wide apart and perpendicular to the ground. The pasterns are short, powerful, straight, and flexible. When viewed in profile, the pasterns are nearly erect.

Faults: Upright or loaded shoulders; elbows turned outward or tied-in; down at the pasterns; front legs bowed; wrists knuckled over; toeing in or out.

Eliminating Faults: Front legs (measured from elbow to ground) shorter than half the total height at the withers. Front legs so bowed as to interfere with normal movement.

It seems that she doesnt care to breed to a standard that she claims her dogs are,they win so way bother.Blaime it on the Judges putting up dogs who dont fit their standard.


Anyone buying a dog/puppy from Stephanie Mueller and signing a contract.Know that she and the Green Lake county Court (under the Judge I had for my dog case) does not uphold what is written in contracts.

Here is a contract she signed (after she said I gave her Daphney).

Notice it says Daphney is owned by me and she signed it.Her answer to this is (and this was in court under oath) she just drove 10 hours and didn't read what she signed.The Judge (the same Judge that has let her off of all of her offences) thru it out.

So anyone buying a dog or puppy from Camp pit weiler,know that at anytime you could get hauled into her court and have your dog taken back if her name is on your dogs papers.Since the Green Lake County Court system (Under the Judge I had when I went to court )will not uphold what is written in the contract.